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Los Angeles

Since beginning our lead facilitator role in January 2020, BI has led the community-systems partnership to reimagine youth justice in Los Angeles County. This unprecedented effort is utterly transforming youth justice, steadily increasing velocity after the unanimous approval of the report Youth Justice Reimagined and the monumental establishment of its key recommendation in 2022: the Department of Youth Development. As we continue this work, BI feels increasing confidence in this bellwether of possibilities and potential for care-first youth justice systems nationwide. 

Mandating Diversion

In our relentless pursuit of a fairer and more effective youth justice system, BI is spearheading a legislative initiative focused on presumptive and mandatory diversion for all eligible youth. This video outlines our strategy and the principles guiding our efforts, emphasizing our commitment to fostering a more equitable and safe society.

Gratitude Spotlight

This monumental transformation would be impossible without bold philanthropic partners, including the Ballmer Group, Liberty Hill Foundation, and the Reissa Foundation, as well as local champions, advocates, impacted community leaders, and system stakeholders: Board of Supervisors, CEO’s Office, DYD, and our close-in consultant team members: Isaac Bryan, Susan Burton, Lupita Carballo, Ruth Cusik, Danielle Dupuy, Gloria Gonzalez, Agustin Herrera, Alma Isidoro, Jacob Jackson, Garrett Jacobs, Clinton Lacey, Sam Lewis, Lisa Macaluso, Mariana Mendoza, Rebecca Renard, Anthony Robles, Saul Sarabia, Olivia Shields, Patricia Soung, David Turner, Rostin Woo, Tavia Wooley, Ray Zacarias, and the many community-based organizations, firms, and networks lending talent and time: Anti Recidivism Coalition, Arts for Healing and Justice Network, California Alliance for Youth and Community Justice, Designing Justice Designing Spaces, LA Youth Rise Up Coalition, Third Sector Capitol Partners, Young Women’s Freedom Center, Youth Justice Coalition